China Culture House is a professional Chinese language training company in China, with its head office in Beijing. We provide professional language training courses for all our clients who love the Chinese language. Our clients are mostly employees from multinational companies and their families. Other clients include Embassy staff and other foreigners who live in China or other countries. 

Our clients can choose different types of classes---face to face courses, online courses or Video courses.  

Face to face courses: China Culture House provides one on one courses, one on two courses and group courses as well. We also provide “practice courses”. In this kind of class, teachers will accompany their students to the actual sites(Supermarket, cafe, restaurant, etc.) to practice their Chinese.

On-site service is available for all courses.  

Online courses: China Culture House has its own online platform. After you have registered for a class, you will receive a username and password, so that you can log in on our online class website, and make an appointment with our teacher. You can take the online class at your convenience. 

Video courses: If it is too difficult for you to make a fixed class time with a teacher, if you want to review all the courses you have learned, or if you want to use just 15 minutes to learn some Chinese, this would be a good choice. Video courses might be your best choice. China Culture House can provide HSK standard course series by video to support your Chinese learning.  

We provide different textbooks according to clients’ different requirements:

  1. For general Chinese language learners:  HSK Standard Course series books, Experiencing Chinese, New concept Chinese, Short-term Spoken Chinese, developing Chinese, Golden 10 hours, etc.

  2. For the business Chinese language learners: New Silk Road Business Chinese, Chinese for managers, Experiencing Chinese, Business Communication in China, etc.


    You are welcome to join our course, your Chinese will improve daily!


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