Long-term recruitment of full-time and part-time Chinese teachers 
Basic education background: Bachelor degree or above.
Preferred Major:  International Chinese education, Chinese language and literature, Linguistic and Applied Linguistic, Pedagogy, English, German or other related majors (Note: At least two years working experience for foreign languages or other education related majors).
1. Be able to independently and excellently undertake one-on-one Chinese classes as well as group Chinese classes.
2. According to our school’s teaching method and the student’s requirement, making an efficient teaching plan. 
3. Building a regular communication with students, helping students homework and dealing with students ‘ difficulties.
4. Participating in CCH`s teachers training programs and following CCH`s teaching guidelines
Requirements for the teachers:
1. Love the teaching job, have a cheerful and sincere personality, be patient and responsible for students.
2. Good knowledge of Chinese literature and Chinese language, familiar with Chinese culture.
3. Standard Mandarin Level Certificate level 2 and above is preferred.
4. Good command of English in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
5. Advanced level of English, German or Korean language is preferred..
6. Rich experience in teaching Chinese as a second language is preferred.
7. Having Teacher qualification certificate issued by the State Education Commission or Certificate of international Chinese teacher issued by Hanban office is preferred.
8. Having a overseas teaching experience is preferred.
9. Love traditional Chinese culture, understand the Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy , Paper cutting, Tai Chi, etc. 
Our offer:
Full time teacher: Basic salary + hourly fees + bonus + insurance.
Part time teacher: hourly fees+ bonus
Details will be disclosed personally.
China Culture House (CCH) is sincerely looking forward to receiving your application information. Please send your Curriculum Vitae with your photo to: jobs@cch-beijing





相关专业: 对外汉语、汉语国际教育、汉语言文学、英语、德语、韩语等语言学教育学相关专业毕业(注:外语专业或其他跨专业教育类毕业需2年以上对外汉语工作经验)。

3. 能够与客户进行日常交流,帮助客户完成培训内容,解决学习难点。
4. 按时参与CCH员工培训并遵循培训指导。

1. 热爱对外汉语教学工作,性格开朗,为人真诚,具有有耐心和责任心。
2. 具有良好的汉语文学素养和较深的语言,文学功底,熟悉中国文化。
3. 普通话标准, 具有普通话等级证书二级甲等以上水平者优先考虑。
4. 英语需具有良好的听说能力,沟通无障碍。
5. 具备高级英语水平或熟练的德语、韩语口语表达能力者优先考虑。
6. 具有对外汉语教学丰富经验者优先考虑。
7. 具有国家教委颁发的教师资格证书或汉办对外汉语教师证书者优先考虑。
8. 曾有海外教学经验者优先考虑。
9. 热爱中国传统文化,懂茶艺,香道,中国剪纸,太极者等人才优先考虑。
1、全职教师:底薪 + 课时费 + 奖金 + 保险
2、兼职教师:时薪 + 奖金
China Culture House (CCH) 团队真诚的欢迎和期待热爱对外汉语教学的您的加入, 请您将简历及个人近照一同投至:

China Culture House