HSK Certificate

Chinese proficiency test (HSK) is an international standardized test, which focuses on the ability of non first language candidates to use Chinese for communication in their life, study and work. 

Chinese proficiency test (HSK) includes six levels: HSK (level 1), HSK (level 2), HSK (level 3), HSK (level 4), HSK (level 5) and HSK (level 6), with HSK (level 6) as the highest level. Candidates who pass HSK (level 6)can easily understand the Chinese information they hear or read, and express their opinions fluently while speaking or writting. 

Chinese proficiency test (HSK) is designed and developed by Hanban and Confucius Institute Headquarters. Chinese proficiency test (HSK) is held in China and overseas regularly every year. As long as the test results meet the required standards, the corresponding level of “Chinese proficiency certificate” can be obtained. The Ministry of Education of China set up the National Chinese Language Proficiency Examination Committee, which is fully responsible for leading the Chinese language proficiency examination and issuing the Chinese language proficiency certificate. 

HSK examination questions
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